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Vipers FC

If they are not in your diary already; they should be now.

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Vipers Fixtures 2004/05:

Vipers Fixtures 2004/05:




26th September 2004

Tractor Boys      

17th October 2004

Inter Punani      

21st November 2004

Real Bollocks    

5th December 2004


9th January 2005

Arthur's Feet    

16th January 2005

All fixtures will take place at Battersea Park astro (6pm to 8pm).
Contact the caretaker manager Edward Tremayne [] for details.

Vipers are also welcome to play for Hardly Athletic in the Autumn 2004
Battersea 8-a-side league (Div 2) -

Contact: Alex Fowler [] for details.


While every effort is made to keep this page up to date you should check your latest emails for the latest information.

Directions to these games can be found in the 'GROUNDS' section.